Hailee Moore is the Executive Chef, Founder, and CEO of Simply Hailee, a premiere event catering and private chef service. Simply Hailee is widely regarded for innovatively simple, elegant and delectable menus. Food is sourced out of natural, local, homemade and sustainable ingredients carefully prepared by Executive Chef, Hailee Moore. With more than 17 years in the culinary business, at the intersection of Moore’s passion for cooking and love of good, fresh food, her brainchild Simply Hailee was born.

Simply Hailee hosts a wide variety of menus and tasting options for all seasons and occasions from formal seated dinners and passed hors d’oeuvres to home cooked family meals served right at your kitchen table. Simply Hailee’s culinary philosophy is fresh food is clean, easy, healthy and embodyies the essence of family and memories.

Classically trained in the French style, Moore studied at the legendary French Culinary Institute under the tutelage of master chefs including Jacques Pepin, Andre Soltner and Alain Sailhac. Upon completion of her training, Moore continued her tenure with the acclaimed French Culinary Institute as a valued instructor and mentor for students.

For almost eight years, Moore shared her culinary talents as a cook in the 5 star/5 diamond kitchen of the award winning The Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. Additionally, Moore serves as a private in-home chef for an array of notable clients including Fortune 500 CEO’s, celebrity talent, Emmy Award winning producers and everyday Manhattan and Westchester families looking for healthy and delicious, gourmet food cooked in the comfort of their own home, for themselves and their loved ones. Based in Manhattan/Westchester, Moore has also contributed written works featured in Westchester Magazine.